Chair Massage

Chair massage is the most accessible form of stress relief massage available.

Also known as seated massage, corporate massage or on-site massage, chair massage is administered through normal work clothing and requires no oils or lotions. Instead of using a table, the massage is delivered in a specially designed portable massage chair that slopes forward allowing access to the large muscles of the back. Our practitioner brings the chair to you, wherever you are; at work, conventions, trade shows, conferences, picnics or other company events. Or you can drop by a walk in location.

AtWorkMassage provides a specific form of chair massage that has been developed from Japanese AMMA massage and traditional Chinese techniques used to help maintain good health and restore the body's natural harmony. The AtWorkMassage technique has been refined into a specific choreographed sequence, or kata, that assures the client that each practitioner will provide essentially the same sequence and makes it possible for us to confidently assign licensed, certified practitioners to your event or job site.

AtWorkMassage practitioners use thumbs, hands, arms, and elbows to address the acupressure points. The level of pressure is comfortable and directed by the client. The sequence focuses on the neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands and hips; the prime areas where the effects of stress are experienced.

The precisely structured and rhythmic nature of the work enhances circulation and releases tension, leaving the recipient relaxed and invigorated, with a sense of well being. The full sequence addresses approximately 180 acupressure points in the brief time required to complete and delivers to the client the most effective relief of stress symptoms available in the time allotted. Passive stretching of the neck, shoulders, upper back, chest, arms and hands is incorporated in the massage sequence to increase flexibility and restore circulation. The full sequence addresses the head, neck, shoulders, back arms, hands, and hips.

The chair slopes forward allowing access to the large muscles of the back. Leaning forward in the chair allows you to relax completely with your head resting in a "face cradle" lined with a soft, disposable cover. The massage focuses on the upper body areas that often cause problems for people who sit at a desk or use a computer keyboard.

Chair massage provided by AtWorkMassage is designed to relieve the symptoms of stress such as stiff neck and back. Most clients find that it improves their general attitude and energizes them as it improves mental clarity.

Chair massage usually lasts between 15 and 30 minutes.

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