Bio-energetics is the term I have chosen to describe the non-physical energy work that I provide. There are a number of modalities that fit into this work including Reiki, remote QiGong, and Therapeutic Touch. Master Fu Wei Zhong, with whom I studied QiGong, says that energy is energy; it all originates from the same Source and is capable of restoring balance and harmony to the individual. The names just describe how the practitioner plugs into the energy Source.  

When viewed from the perspective of quantum physics, all matter, including humans, are composed of vibration.  We know that when a tuning fork of a certain resonance is struck and held near another quiet fork of the same value, the quiet fork will begin to vibrate, or resonate with the activated fork. This is called 'Harmonic Resonance".

Bioenergetics views the body as the result of the creative vibration emanating from Source (God).  When one experiences trauma, whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, there is a disruption in the energy field. This disturbance "bends" the energy emanating from Source and manifests in the body as a dis-ease.

A trained practitioner is able to open their own energy field to allow clear vibration to pass through them and into the field of the "client".  Then, just as with the tuning forks, the receiver's energy field begins to resonate with the more clear vibration.  This can restore balance and harmony to the receiver's energy field and allow the light energy from Source to process into the physical body.

Negative thoughts do not move through the energy field, but rather stick in the field surrounding the physical body.  These negative thought patterns cause much the same effect as trauma in that the light energy vibration cannot process through the field properly.

I began studying energy healing in the early 1970's and have practiced a number of different forms or modalities since then.  My work is  a blending of styles and techniques more than it is a homogenous form.



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